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Home Sellers Will Sit 2020 Out predicts residential property inventory to "evaporate" in 2020. "That will make it more challenging for buyers to find a home despite attractive interest rates," the Santa Clara, Cal.-based company states.

Millennials Will Get Aggressive About Buying Homes also notes that one demographic will be big buyers in 2020 ? even if inventories are thin. That?s the millennials.

Apparently, younger buyers are eschewing inner-city living and have their sights set on 1,800 square-foot homes in the suburbs, with good neighborhoods and decent schools. Millennials will take more mortgages than baby boomers and gen-x?ers in 2020, the company predicts. DOWN PAYMENTS from millennial buyers will also likely be bigger than ever. also says millennials ? with the oldest members approaching 40 and the biggest cohort turning 30 in 2020 ? will surpass 50% of all HOME PURCHASE MORTGes.








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